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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
Timeline & Process
Greetings from Spartan Lane!
     An institution is only as good as its people and its plan. I firmly believe this to be true at Athens Academy. We are fortunate to have very good people engaged and involved with our school. As you know, we have spent much of the past year considering every aspect of our school and looking ahead to the future, all as a part of the strategic planning process. Over 300 individuals participated in this effort, including students, teachers, alumni, trustees, staff, grandparents, parents of alumni, and friends. Thank you for your dedication to this process and our fine school.
     We have created two versions of the strategic plan for you to examine. The full, unabridged version can be found here. The second, a shorter summary booklet, will be available in late February. The 49 action items found in the full version make for an ambitious plan, but I do not think we would want it any other way--we are not a community that settles for “average.” I hope you enjoy reading the plan and will follow up with any questions that come to mind. We may not accomplish all 49 of these items, but we do anticipate accomplishing as many of them as possible. We will do other things along the way, too; however, these will be our priorities.
     To achieve this plan, we will need your engagement. Athens Academy is a family, and your emotional, financial, personal, and physical support are critical to our continued success as a community. We are very good stewards of our resources, and this diligence and focus will continue in the future. Thank you again for all you do for our mighty Spartans and Athens Academy.

Thank you,

John Thorsen
Head of School