Seniors Honored for Fine Arts Work

On Wednesday, May 1, Athens Academy honored the members of the Class of 2019 who participated in fine arts during a special assembly for the Upper School, parents, and friends. Congratulations to the following:
  • Chorus students Grant Brown and Rebecca Meghani, who were by choral honored by teacher Leslie Setzer. Both also received the Senior Choral Service award. 
  • Theatre students Alyssa Baugh, Grant Brown, Cason Chance, Holt Leach, Rebecca Meghani, Daniel Rouhani, Ronan Ruiz, Sarah Elisabeth Thurmond, and Michael White, who were honored by Drama Department Chair Lorraine Thompson. Grant, Holt, Daniel, Sarah Elisabeth, and Michael all lettered in Drama this year. 
  • Visual arts students Alyssa Baugh, Grace Fuller, David Gordon, Lexye Hill, Lucy Kemp, Mary Lane, Rebecca Meghani, Ronan Ruiz, and Michael White were honored by Visual Art Department Chair Betsy Lilliston.
  • Orchestra students Grant Brown, Wesley Cline, Abigail Springer, Sarah Elisabeth Thurmond, and Michael White were honored by Fine Arts Department Chair Debbie Schab. Grant, Abigail, Sarah Elisabeth, and Michael all lettered in Orchestra this year.
Grant, Alyssa, Rebecca, Ronan, Sarah Elisabeth, and Michael each received the All-Around Artists award for participating in two or more arts programs this year. They were recognized for their hard work by Upper School Director Susan Zalac. 

Congratulations to all these Spartan seniors for their hard work and dedication to the arts!

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