Kyla Bryant Signs with Stanford University

Congratulations to former Athens Academy student Kyla Bryant, who has signed to compete in gymnastics at Stanford University. Kyla and her parents made the decision to home school her after tenth grade so that she could train more intensely with Georgia Elite Gymnastics and Coach Pete Arenas.
Kyla’s father Sherman Bryant made it clear that the decision was made easier for him and wife Kita because Athens Academy had prepared Kyla for academic success and the rigors of one of the best universities in the country. “Two things brought us to Athens [from Lake Oconee]. One was Pete, and the other was Athens Academy…Years ago, [former headmaster] Bob Chambers told us, ‘You can go to a lot of other schools, but if you come to my school, your child will score well and be prepared to go wherever she wants to.’ We had to make the decision when she was in about the fourth grade, and Athens Academy took her from being a pretty good student to being ready to do really well on the SAT and succeed at Stanford.” Bryant continued, “We want to thank Athens Academy for taking the time with Kyla, because for us as parents, it was really stressful …to make sure she had the right curriculum and academics…making that decision[to focus on her gymnastics] was tough, but she had the support of her Athens Academy family, including the students.”

Athletic success runs in the family, as Kyla’s older brother Kaleb, who graduated from Athens Academy last spring, is currently running cross country at Wake Forest University. 

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