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    NEW THIS YEAR: Watch Athletic Events with NFHS Network

    The athletic department is excited to announce its use of new Pixellot cameras to allow the school to successfully stream contests that take place in the Sinkwich Spartan Center and on Slaughter Field. These new units will allow most Middle and Upper School contests in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and football, along with Premier/Feeder League basketball contests, to be streamed live!
    The one change for people who enjoy viewing Athens Academy athletic events is NFHS Network is subscription-based. This will be a change in the school’s previous practice of offering non-fee-based content to be streamed during the regular season. However, with so many apps, services, and websites moving toward subscription-fee-based viewing, this is becoming the norm for most schools and is already a GHSA requirement for post-season contests. Click here for more information.

    Viewers may select from the following options to view contests. Please keep in mind this is only for school athletic contests; viewing of all other school events will continue to be a free option via ESE Network.
    • Monthly Pass - $9.95 (All Access benefits of Live events for 30 days)
    • Annual Pass - $60
    • Seasonal Pass - $40
    Click here for more information or to purchase a subscription.
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