In evaluating an applicant and making admissions decisions, the following areas are considered:
  • availability of space in the class, 
  • the academic profile of the applicant and the class,
  • potential contributions of the applicant to the school,
  • academic and extracurricular interests of the applicant,
  • strength of character and understanding gleaned from an interview, 
  • academic and personal recommendations, and
  • sibling relations and engaged alumni.

Admission Process

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International Admission

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  • International Admission Process

    An international student is defined as a student who is not a citizen of the United 
    and is in this country on one of several visa possibilities. The most common forms are the F-1 and the J-type visas.

    Admission Procedures for an International Student
    1. Online Application, to include a student essay.
    2. Submission of a translated (English) transcript with the Athens Academy option of using the Joseph Silny Company verification/interpretation of the transcript. Where possible, a grading scale should be included.
    3. Translated (English) copies of the Teacher Evaluations
    4. A personal or Skype interview with an Athens Academy employee, where language ability is validated.
    5. A TOEFL score of at least 95, preferably 100 or higher.
    6. An international student must establish with Athens Academy who the host family is, and that family will meet with the Division Director and the Admission Director as part of the family interview. Students must reside with the host family. It is desirable, but not mandatory, that the actual parents and the applicant meet in person with Athens Academy personnel.
    7. Proof of approved health insurance.
    8. International students will pay a $5,000 non-refundable annual fee in addition to the normal tuition.
    All international students wishing to graduate from Athens Academy would be best suited by beginning no later than 10th grade. If language ability, test scores, engagement, and previous US experience is present, then candidates will be considered for later admission.


January 3
K3, K4, Pre-first first round application deadline, rolling PS admission after January 3
January 7
K3, K4, Pre-first Classroom Visits

February 1
K3, K4, Pre-first first round decisions sent

Grades 1-12 first round application deadline, rolling admission after February 1

March 25
K3, K4, Pre-first Classroom Visits
March 31
Grades 1-12 first round decisions sent
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