After much thought and consideration on the part of Athens Academy’s faculty, leadership team, and trustees, we are excited to share our new strategic plan with you. As you review these eleven action items, it is clear that we value a liberal arts education where students learn to think, communicate, write and engage, and this comes from quality teachers who have a passion for working with young people.  As with everything we do here on Spartan Lane, these goals are guided by our operating principles and by our mission and dedication to the educational and personal experience of each student.

List of 3 items.

  • Innovative Curriculum & Instructional Approaches

    As a school, our priority remains quality teaching and learning, so it is no surprise that this grouping of action items leads the plan. The best way we can supply our students with the tools for life beyond Athens Academy is to continuously improve our curriculum, keeping it innovative while also providing the foundational skill set necessary for success. We are also committed to providing our teachers with opportunities to keep developing their craft and collaborating with others. 
  • Social-Emotional Learning / Diversity, Equity & Belonging

    More than ever, we continue to place a premium on well-being and community.  We need to ensure a safe and healthy environment for each of our students. This lends itself naturally to the first bullet in the second section, which prioritizes Athens Academy’s “long-standing commitment to being a place where each student and family feels a strong sense of belonging and meaningful engagement within the Academy community.”

    We are prioritizing Diversity, Equity and Belonging in our plan. We are choosing to emphasize belonging, and we are working on ways to ensure that each of our students is known, loved, and engaged here at Athens Academy. We are proud that our school is more diverse than ever, and we need to lean into this and help our students learn more about differing perspectives and experiences. This is not easy work, but it is important for every member of our community.
  • Fundraising, Value Proposition & Campus Enhancements

    The last piece of our plan includes financial and physical enhancements to our campus.  We want our teachers and students to enjoy quality spaces that allow them to try new things and explore without limitations. Your assistance in supporting and promoting our program helps sustain our school for your children and keeps us accessible for future generations.

Thank You!

The next steps in this plan will include a visit by an SAIS reaccreditation team in the fall of 2022, followed by implementation of the action items. This is an exciting time to be part of the Athens Academy community, and we hope that you will join us in this important work. Thank you for your ongoing support and the enhancements which will come from our journey with one another.

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