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Dear Fellow Alums,
Athens Academy has always been a place that felt like home to me.  It was a place where everybody seemed like family. In a class of 80 students, I knew everyone’s first and last names, and I could most likely tell you their siblings’ names as well.  As a young adult, I often overlooked the rarity of this community. As time has passed, I recognize how much that environment forever connected me to that place and those people.  Looking around the room at my high school reunion (ten years) this past year, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of pride. I was proud of my classmates for the things they had accomplished, and I was proud of the place that shaped them. 

Athens Academy has over 2,700 alumni in 47 states and fourteen countries. Each year our alumni base is growing, and the impact that WE have has grown as well.  I am continually impressed with the width and depth of the influence Athens Academy alumni impart on their communities near and far.  And while that impact is important and impressive, it is equally important to remember the place where it all started - to return home. If you are like me, nothing sparks nostalgia more than returning to a Friday night, under the lights, with the fog sitting low at Slaughter Field. I look forward to seeing you around campus!

Go Spartans!

Bevan Hopper ‘07
Alumni Board President

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