Visual Arts

The visual arts offer students the opportunity to express their own unique visions of the world.  Art teaches children valuable ways of seeing, imagining, inventing and thinking.  At Athens Academy, art education enhances each student’s ability to fully experience beauty and art, while deepening the student’s understanding of culture and history.

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  • Preschool

    The Preschool visual arts program allows our students to experiment and express themselves in a creative atmosphere. Visual art helps to build self-esteem and a positive attitude. Students uses a variety of materials, media, and techniques to produce original works of art.
  • Lower School

    The Lower School art curriculum exposes students to the world of art through art history, artists’ styles, and famous paintings.  The elements of art and the principles of design are incorporated as students work with a variety of art media. Art projects correlate with themes studied in the classroom, and students enjoy critiquing and appreciating one another’s work on display.  
  • Middle School

    Middle School students are given the opportunity to explore visual art in year-long courses. Students are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of media with emphasis on drawing, painting, collages, sculpture with plaster and clay, photography, and architecture. Field trips to art museums and artists’ studios augment the curriculum and reinforce the student’s perception of art as integral to their lives.
  • Upper School

    In Upper School, students continue art education through a variety of media with emphasis on aesthetics, creative thought and production, art history, and criticism.  Studio art classes are designed to help students develop an appreciation for the arts and to provide opportunities to discover the joy of creating works of art. Courses include subjects like sculpture, 3D design, ceramics, painting, drawing, and photography.  Frequent workshops, talks by area artists, and visits to art museums reinforce the Upper School art curriculum.

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  • Photo of Petra Babbitt

    Petra Babbitt 

    Visual Arts Department Chair & Middle School Art Teacher
    California State University - B.A.
  • Photo of Luke Graves

    Luke Graves 

    Upper School Art Teacher
    University of Georgia - B.F.A.
  • Photo of Savana Thompson

    Savana Thompson 

    Middle School Art Teacher
    University of North Georgia - B.A.
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