Welcome to Spartan Athletics

There is a rich tradition of athletic participation and success at Athens Academy. Currently, we offer 20 varsity team programs, seventeen junior varsity teams, and 20 Middle School teams in twelve different sports, and we compete as a member of the Georgia High School Athletic Association. Our coaches have significant experience within their sport and are committed to providing opportunities for student-athletes to develop their potential within a competitive yet nurturing environment.

At Athens Academy, we arrange participation for each athlete appropriate to age, development, ability, and interest. Varsity competition emphasizes winning within a framework that allows athletes to feel successful by meeting personal performance goals. The sub-varsity level prepares athletes for varsity play while providing as much participation as possible for each team member.

So that our athletes receive quality instruction with a realistic opportunity for playing time, the size of teams in some sports is limited. Students “try out” for teams. Although there is no guarantee that a student will be selected for a specific team, the number and variety of offerings provide many opportunities for each athlete.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email or call 706-354-3815. Be sure to follow @SpartanAthletic on Twitter and Instagram for athletic scores, updates, and other athletic information!

With coaches, student athletes, and parents working together, we all look forward to continued success for Spartan Athletics!

Kevin Petroski
Athletic Director

Program Highlights

50 State Championships
49 State Runner-Ups
228 Region/Area Championships
119 Region/Area Runner-Ups

GADA Director's Cup Class A Champion/Runner-Up

Champion: 2000-01; 2002-03; 2004-05; 2016-17
Runner-Up: 1999-00; 2001-02; 2003-04; 2009-10; 2014-15

GADA Director's Cup Class A Boys' Champion/Runner-Up

Champion: 2003-04; 2004-05; 2006-07; 2016-2017
Runner-Up: 2005-06

GADA Director's Cup Class A Girls' Champion/Runner-Up

Champion: 2002-03; 2014-15
Runner-Up: 2004-05, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13; 2016-2017

GADA Director's Cup 2021-22
Region 8A Private
-Overall Champion
-Boys' Champion
-Girls' Champion

Excellence with Honor

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