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Planned giving is of interest to anyone who wishes to decrease tax liability on earned income, passive income, capital gains, or an estate while supporting Athens Academy. Charitable lead trusts or charitable remainder trusts in the form of unitrusts or annuity trusts can be of enormous benefit to both the donor and the charity. Since there are many planned giving options, we encourage you to consult your tax advisor about how this information might apply to your personal circumstances.

Bequests & Planned Gifts

Bequests and planned gifts can be a great source of funding for Athens Academy’s endowment. Endowment funds are used to:

  • attract and retain the best faculty with competitive compensation.
  • provide opportunities for professional growth.
  • maintain our market-based tuition rates.
  • provide increased financial aid for qualified students

Endowment Gifts

Endowment gifts may be:

  • unrestricted or designated, i.e. faculty chair, student aid, an academic program or a building fund.
  • used to create a special memorial fund to honor someone significant in your life or in the life of the School.

Planned Giving Options

List of 4 items.

  • Bequest

    A gift made through a will and given to Athens Academy after death. Charitable bequests may be included when a new will is drawn or added to an existing will through a codicil. The bequest may be a specific dollar amount, percentage of the estate, combination of the above, contingency benefit, or codicil bequest into a trust.

    Legal language to be used in bequests
    I hereby give and bequeath the sum of ____ Dollars ($_______) to Athens Academy, Inc., a non-profit corporation duly existing under the laws of the state of Georgia and located in Oconee County, Georgia, to be used as the Trustees direct.
  • Flexible Endowment

    A donor commits to giving Athens Academy the amount of money an endowment would have generated every year until they’ve fully funded the endowment principal. In other words, if one wants to create a flexible endowment for a $250,000 faculty chair and Athens Academy pays out 4 percent on each endowment annually, one agrees to give $10,000 each year until one makes a gift of $250,000 to fund the endowment. The Academy can operate as if it has received the full endowment because we have the income to spend - but the donors retain the assets that make up the endowment principal as long as they need to.
  • Charitable Lead Trust

    Creates a trust in which the income is paid annually to the School for a term of years after which the principal reverts to the donor or non-charitable beneficiaries, usually family.
    Provides income to the donor based upon annual valuation of the trust’s assets. The donor specifies a fixed percentage of not less than 5% to be paid to income beneficiaries for life or an expressed number of years. As the trust assets change, so will the amount paid to Athens Academy.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity

    Give assets to Athens Academy and still receive income from assets for the rest of your life. Such annuity income is often much higher than the income the assets produced before such a gift, and there are also a number of tax-related benefits.

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  • Retained Life Estate

    You retain the right to live in your personal residence, farm, or condo for life or for the lifetime of more than one tenant, after which the residence becomes the property of Athens Academy. 
  • Life Insurance Policies

    With Athens Academy as beneficiary or owner of the policy this can be a gift with modest out-of-pocket cost, particularly for those with paid-up policies which may no longer be needed for the original purpose.
  • Appreciated Securities

    Gifts of appreciated securities or stock can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving. Check with your financial advisor to determine how best to maximize your tax advantage.
Please note: The material and information we have provided is general in nature; we encourage you to consult your attorney or other financial advisors about how this information might apply to your personal circumstances.
Athens Academy is a non-profit, charitable corporation which has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. As a 501(c)(3) organization, Athens Academy accepts charitable donations that are fully deductible for federal and Georgia income, gift, and estate tax purposes. Athens Academy will provide substantiation for all cash and non-cash gifts.
Athens Academy is an independent, co-educational school for students in K3 through 12th grade, located on a beautiful 152-acre campus in Northeast Georgia. For over 50 years, Athens Academy has pursued its mission of Excellence with Honor through academics, athletics, fine arts, and service and leadership.