Service & Leadership

Service: More than an Action

Service and Leadership is an important pillar of the Athens Academy education as we seek to teach and inspire our students to develop a sense of social responsibility, empathy, and connection to their local and global community. Service permeates the fabric of life at Athens Academy through academics, athletics, fine arts, student leadership, and character education. Our goal is to instill the lifelong habit of service in every student.

Leadership: More than a Position

Athens Academy offers many opportunities for student leadership. Some positions are student-body elected, some are class elected, and some roles are filled through an application and selection process. All students in leadership positions must maintain good academic and Honor Council standing. Student leaders participate in the weekly Leadership Seminar in the Upper School.

Clubs & Activities

A vital part of the Athens Academy experience extends beyond the classroom to clubs and activities, which help students discover their talents and explore and expand their passions.  Through club experiences, Athens Academy students stretch as leaders and practice creative collaboration.  Whether they're working on deadline for a school publication, handling webcasts for a sporting event, or packaging meals for Rise Against Hunger, our students are having a positive impact on the world.

Leadership Opportunities

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  • 17

    Created during the school's 50th school year, 2016-2017, the 17 Society provides service to Athens Academy as official hosts and goodwill ambassadors for important functions and events throughout the school year. Student members welcome guests and visitors, give tours, and provide service in other capacities to the school leadership.
  • Community Service Board

    The Community Service Board utilizes community service opportunities both within our school and community as a model for leadership development with the idea that service provides authentic leadership opportunities for a student as he or she creates a project – whether it be organizing a canned food drive, planning a blood drive, or providing a meal at the Athens Area Homeless Shelter.
    Areas of Emphasis in the CSB include:
    • Work ethic
    • Commitment
    • Team work
    • Mentoring
    • Relationships
    • Ownership of and pride in an accomplishment
    • Communication 
    • Reflection and an attitude of "How do we make this better?"
    • Creating a legacy by being part of a long line of students building a culture of service at our school  
  • Gerousia

    Created in 2016-17, Gerousia offers Middle School students an opportunity to learn more about service and leadership. The name Gerousia comes from the Spartan council of elders created by the Spartan lawgiver Lycurgus in the seventh century BCE.

    Students are selected for membership in Gerousia by their peers with input from the faculty. The main goals include building school spirit, welcoming new Spartans, and grade/student representation. By giving students in grades 5-8 a chance to learn and grow as leaders, the Service and Leadership Program hopes to continue developing these skills during students' time in Upper School.
  • Honor Council

    The Honor Council is a group of 25 students from grades 9-12 tasked with promoting the Honor Code, educating their peers on the core values of the honor system, and serving as ethical leaders for the school community.

    The Judiciary Board is a subset of the Honor Council that adjudicates potential honor violations. The thirteen students (including a senior president) are elected by the student body from the members of the Honor Council. The Judiciary Board’s verdict and consequences are presented as recommendations to a faculty committee and to the head of school.
  • Student Council

    Upper School Student Council at Athens Academy is comprised of the elected officers for each class (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary) as well as the elected officers for the student body. Elections are held every spring for service during the following school year.

Club Opportunities

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  • Girls Club

  • Interact

  • Literary Magazine

  • Mock Trial

    Purpose: to compete in the Georgia Bar Association’s annual mock trial competition as successfully as possible. 
  • Model UN

    The Athens Academy Model United Nations team gives student participants an opportunity to learn about global issues and the United Nations system, simulate the complexity of international diplomacy and negotiation, and cooperate with other high school students to propose and debate solutions to a wide range of global challenges.

    The mission of the SEEDS club is to inform and educate ourselves and others of the importance and necessity of solving environmental issues.
  • Spanish

  • Spartan Christian Fellowship

  • Spartan Review

  • The Spartan Review

  • Ultimate Frisbee

Athens Academy is an independent, co-educational school for students in K3 through 12th grade, located on a beautiful 152-acre campus in Northeast Georgia. For over 50 years, Athens Academy has pursued its mission of Excellence with Honor through academics, athletics, fine arts, and service and leadership.