Don't miss out on this great opportunity to support the Athens Academy financial aid program and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your state taxes!

Athens Academy is pleased to participate in the Georgia Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship Program. Athens Academy partners with Apogee, a Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) to help Georgia taxpayers redirect a portion of their State tax liability to Athens Academy and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit. Funds received from the program are made available for qualified applicants in the school's existing financial aid program.

Due to the great demand for the program, all particpants must pre-register to receive the tax credit.  It is expected that the program will "sell out" on the first day of 2018. 

Please contact Greta Covington with any questions. Thank you, Spartans!

The deadline for pre-registration is December 15, 2017.  
Payment will not be due until Spring 2018.

frequently asked questions

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  • How do I participate in the program?

    All you have to do is either complete our easy paperless process or complete the paper form, and Apogee will submit the paperwork on your behalf.
  • Is there a limit to how much I can give each year?

    Yes, the amount you can give is limited by your tax filing status:
    · Married Filing Jointly: Maximum of $2,500
    · Individual Filer: Maximum of $1,000
    · Married Filing Separately: Maximum of $1,250
  • Can corporations get larger credits?

    Yes!  The state offers corporations and trusts an opportunity to participate at a higher level:
    • Individuals who receive pass-through income from S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Partnerships can contribute up to $10k  
    • C-Corporations and Trust can contribute up to 75% of their Georgia tax liability
  • Why aren’t participants receiving their full credit?

    The state has placed a yearly cap on the amount of credit available at $58 million. That means that every school, tax payer, and corporation in Georgia is drawing from the same pool of credits.  All participants who pre-register for the program are submitted to the DOR on January 1st of each year.  For the last two years, the state has accepted applications representing more than $58 million and have pro-rated each pledge accordingly.
  • How do I know what my GA tax liability is?

    Your Georgia tax liability is typically 6% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). You can also look at Line 18 of your Georgia tax return (Form 500) to learn your GA tax liability.
  • Who or what is Apogee?

    Apogee Scholarship Fund is Athens Academy’s partner in the process.  Apogee is a state registered SSO (Student Scholarship Organization) as well as a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Apogee’s primary function is to facilitate the process of distributing tax credits in exchange for donations and to disburse those funds for private school tuition scholarships.

Application Forms

Contribution Limits

Individual - up to $1,000
Married Filing Jointly - up to $2,500
Married Filing Separately - up to $1,250 each
Pass through income from S-Corps, LLCs, and Partnerships - up to $10,000
C-Corps and Trusts - up to 75% of GA tax liability


Apogee Scholarship Fund's Website
Apogee is Athens Academy's selected Student Scholarship Organization
This gives us an opportunity to support the school at essentially no cost!
We have to pay our taxes...why not send them to Athens Academy instead?
--Alumni parent & 2017 GTTC participant

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